Gundooee Traceability

Gundooee Organic Wagyu stamp

With ‘Foot And Mouth’ (FMD) and ‘Lumpy Skin’ (LSD) diseases on the Australian doorstep, now more than ever it is imperative consumers have confidence in knowing exactly where their food comes from.  Here at Gundooee Organics we take traceability seriously and have in place many checks and measures to ensure you always receive the high quality product you pay for.

  • Here at Gundooee Organics we breed all our own sale cattle – we don’t purchase any cattle from other producers
  • Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has a lifetime traceability system called National Livestock ID System (NLIS) – micro-chipped ear tags are on all our cattle
  • Gundooee Organics now owns a cattle truck so Rob delivers our cattle to the abattoir personally every four weeks
  • In October 2022, Rob witnessed the abattoir kill process and confirmed that traceability is not lost at this processing stage
  • Before carcasses leave the abattoir kill floor they are tagged and also stamped with the Gundooee carcass stamp (see left, or above on mobile)
  • When the carcasses are freighted and delivered, the tags and stamps on the carcasses ensure there is no confusion with other beef carcasses
  • Choose a butcher or food suppler you can trust.  Gundooee stockists are dependable and have integrity so you can have the utmost confidence that the products you purchase are of high quality and are the real thing
  • Our organic certification includes an annual traceability audit conducted by an independent assessor organised through Australian Certified Organics (ACO)
  • DNA cross-check – we take tail hair follicle samples from all sale cattle and can categorically test any beef sample back to the farm

Please contact me if you would like any further information – Rob Lennon (Principal of Gundooee Organics)

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